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Hungarian Folk Singing Circle

Register for Virtual and In-Person Hungarian Folk Singing Classes

Consider gifting one of our singing classes

to a family member or friend!  Choose among Hungarian pronunciation classes, one-time workshops, class series, lectures, and more.


You may choose a specific class to gift or choose an amount which may be applied at the recipient's discretion. Personalized gift certificate PDFs (shown at right) are available at no extra charge.

Simply fill out the class registration form below and select gift certificate, or send us a message here.

Hungarian Folk Singing Circle Népdalkö

Please read the class descriptions and FAQs before registering!

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Registration is complete when payment has been received.

Please write a note with your payment which includes the participant's name, exact class(es) and dates, and amount per class (if registering for multiple classes) that you are paying for.  Thank you!

Please see the FAQs page for more information about class prices and sliding scale.


Payment method options, marked with the possible currencies:

  • PayPal (USD or HUF) - use link or send to


  • Revolut (USD or HUF) - send to +36-70-603-7011


  • Venmo (USD only) - send to @ZinaBozzay


  • Transfer to Hungarian bank account (HUF only) - Bozzay Zina, 12010240-01612266-00100005 (Raiffeisen)


  • Transfer to US bank account (USD only) - email for details


  • Wise (formerly Transferwise) to Hungarian or US bank accounts above


  • Cash (USD or HUF) - for in-person classes or similar situations