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What are some ways I can help?

Financial contributions can support a class or workshop, research in the village, rehearsals, or a concert or tour.  Donations can go toward a specific project -- such as development of the resources portion of this website, Vadalma's next CD, our upcoming stage production, online Hungarian folk singing classes, a singing workshop for a specific community, or research on a specific topic -- or they can go toward ongoing overhead expenses and infrastructure, such as space rental, travel expenses, archival work, and administrative support.  We currently accept donations via PayPal, Revolut, Venmo, bank transfer, check, or cash, preferably in US dollars or Hungarian forint.  Please write a note with your payment indicating donation and what you would like it to support.

  • PayPal (USD or HUF) - use link or send to

  • Revolut (USD or HUF) - send to +36-70-603-7011

  • Venmo (USD only) - send to @ZinaBozzay

  • Transfer to Hungarian bank account (HUF): Bozzay Zina, 12010240-01612266-00100005 (Raiffeisen)

  • Transfer to US bank account (USD): contact us for details

  • Wise (formerly Transferwise) to Hungarian or US bank accounts above

  • Check or cash (USD or HUF) - at an in-person event, or contact us for address


Donated services and volunteering can include hosting a concert or workshop, administrative assistance, Hungarian-English translation (as well as to other languages), technological support such web design or systems development, promotion and PR work, booking, grant-writing, photography, concert management, event staffing, printing services, childcare services, and more.


Donated goods might include airline miles or tickets, a venue for a concert or workshop, or equipment such as a computer, external HD, recording device, video camera, musical instrument, office supplies, traditional Hungarian clothing items, and more.  Food and beverage items can also be donated to certain events, depending on the venue, whether for consumption or sale.


Please contact us to share your ideas, whether skills or goods that you could contribute.  Let us know what initiatives you would like to support if they are not listed here.

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