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We continually add to this ever-growing resource guide, so please contact us with any additions, corrections, or suggestions!

We are also seeking financial support to transform it into a substantial, accessible information and resource center, so please share those ideas with us as well. Thank you!

If you are outside of Hungary, please also peruse the "In Hungary" column, as many of those resources can be accessed from abroad - whether digital folk recording archives, stores which ship internationally, or online listening ideas.

Folk Music Institutions:

Óbuda Népzenei Iskola

(Óbuda Hungarian Folk Music School)

Hagyományok Háza

(Hungarian Heritage House, Budapest)

Magyar Tudományos Akadémia, Zenetudományi Intézet

(Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Institute for Musicology)

Zeneakadémia, Népzene Tanszék

(Liszt Academy of Music, Folk Music Department)


Fonó Budai Zeneház

(Fonó Music Hall)


Háló Közösségi és Kulturális Központ - S4

(Háló Community and Cultural Center - S4)

Hungarian Folk Music Ensembles

Archives (databases of field recordings, source recordings of village singers):


Click "keresés" to search.

Hungarian Academy of Sciences Institute for Musicology, Folklore Archives ("ZTI" is the Hungarian acronym)

Includes distinct archives of Béla Bartók's collections, Zoltán Kodály's collections, Zoltán Kallós's collections, and all published source recordings (labeled "Publikált", everything published in various books, CDs, and anthologies), as well as a list of all publications which include source recordings.


A new searchable website which includes the above holdings from ZTI and more, in one central place.  Bilingual and can also be searched using a map function.  As an unedited archive, not all recordings have been peer-reviewed for quality and not all songs have complete collection information entered.  Some long recordings have not yet been cropped to individual songs, but individual songs are still searchable by first line or other parameters.

Hungarian Heritage House Archive

In Hungarian, English, and Romanian.

Hungarian Folk Music & Dance Ensembles:

Bay Area

Zina Bozzay (Hungarian folk singer)


Vadalma (band, Hungarian folk song arrangements)

Hungarian Folk Singing Circle (Hungarian folk song teaching)

Danubius (band, music of Eastern Europe)

Aranykapu Band (band, Hungarian folk music)

Ferenc Tobak (Hungarian bagpiper, instrument builder, researcher)

Performs with Lilla Serlegi and family

Eszterlánc Hungarian Folk Ensemble (dance ensemble)

Todd & Sarah Wagner's folk dance teaching in Menlo Park

North America

László Orbán and Forrás Banda (Vancouver/Seattle, band)

Kárpátok Hungarian Folk Ensemble (Los Angeles, dance)

Fényes Banda (New York City, band)

Életfa (New York/New Jersey, band)

Gyanta Hungarian Folk Ensemble (Toronto, Canada, band)

Kálmán Magyar Jr. "Öcsi" (violinist)

Csűrdöngölő Hungarian Folk Ensemble (New Jersey, dance)

Tisza (Washington D.C. area, dance)

Szikra (Washington D.C. area, band)

Magnólia Zenekar (Washington D.C. area, band)

Szászka (Minnesota, band)


Folk Music & Dance Event Calendars

The most central place to look for folk music and dance events, listed in one place, is Folknaptár.

Folknaptár website / Folknaptár Facebook (for regular weekly táncház, folk dance parties)

Some venues which host folk music events regularly:

Annual events

February/March - Busójárás, Mohács

April - Táncháztalálkozó (National Táncház Festival & Fair), Budapest

June-August - Dozens of folk music/dance summer camps!

     The Egyszólam camp in Váralja is excellent! (early July)

August - Mesterségek Ünnepe (Festival of Folk Arts), Budapest

Event Calendars
Annual Events

Annual Events:

Hungarian Heritage Festival (Bay Area, CA) - mid-May

American Hungarian Educators Association (AHEA) Conference (different location each year) - May/June

Hungarian Festival (New Brunswick) - early June

Csipke Tábor (Michigan) - late June

Ti Ti Tábor (Raft Island, Washington State) - August

Curren singing teaching

Some current singing teaching for adults in Budapest

Please confirm schedule before attending!

All classes held in Hungarian unless otherwise noted, and typically do not run during the summer months. Check summer camps under event calendars for summer learning opportunities.

Óbuda Folk Music School

Current class for teens and adults ("Csütöri") is on Thursdays at 5pm, led by Éva Fábián.  All songs are taught directly from source recordings, with ample background information.  There are also opportunities to learn from Réka Annus, Boglárka Raksányi, and other singing teachers at the school.


Led by Andrea Navratil, with printed song lyrics provided.  Every other Wednesday at Háló Közösségi és Kulturális Központ (S4) in Budapest.  Andrea also holds regular classes in Göd, Tihany, and other cities.

Kertész Nótakör

Every Tuesday at Klisé Bár.

Hungarian Folk Singing Classes IN ENGLISH

Led by Zina Bozzay.  All songs taught directly from source recordings, with printed song lyrics, English translations, and background information. Hosted at the Hungarian Heritage House, Háló Cultural Center, Óbuda Folk Music School, and other locations.  Upcoming classes listed here.

Hungarian Heritage House

Occasional singing courses, particularly designed for teachers - check website for current offerings.

Liszt Academy of Music, Folk Music Department

While designed only for current students, sometimes individual arrangements can be made to attend folk singing courses at the Liszt Academy.


Song teaching often happens at táncház, typically earlier in the evening for 15-30 minutes before the dancing, such as at Fonó and the Hungarian Heritage House.  See events calendars above.

Email lists

Email lists, social media, finding communities:

Katalin Vörös's Berkeley Magyarok Mailing List

Hungarian Scouts / Magyar Cserkészszövetség

Facebook groups:

Hungarians in San Francisco and the Bay Area

Hungarians in the West Coast / Magyarok a nyugati parton

Hungarians in British Columbia

Hungarian Club of Portland

SF Hungarian Parents

Hungarians on the facebook

Hungarian Treasures

Magyar Cserkészek (Hungarian Scouts)

Magyarok Amerikában - Hungarian Hub

                 ... and many others!

Search by your city and region!


There are also Meetup groups in various cities.

A few singers and bands ~ not all have as much of a web presence as others!  Having or not having a website or youtube videos doesn't necessarily reflect quality. Names are in Hungarian name order (family name first).

Fábián Éva

Nyitrai Marianna

Sebestyén Márta

Navratil Andrea

Agócs Gergely

Berecz András

Palya Bea

Szalóki Ági

Sebő Ferenc

Bardosi Ildikó

Havay Viktória   

Tintér Gabriella

Enyedi Ágnes

Bognár Szilvia

Herczku Ágnes

... and many more!





Fonó Zenekar

Üsztürü Zenekar

Csürrentő Együttes

Fakutya Együttes


Pendely Énekegyüttes


... and many more!

E Euro community

Eastern European Folk Music in the Bay Area/US:

Kitka Women's Vocal Ensemble (Bay Area)

East European Folklife Center (National, Bay Area-based)

Bulgarian / Balkan Music Dance and Events (BBMDE) (Bay Area-based yahoo group email list)


Coming soon!


TV / Radio:

Folkrádió (folk music radio station, can be listened to internationally on their website, and includes information on tracks played and song lyrics!)

Fölszállott a páva (Hungarian folk music/dance TV competition)


Stores in Budapest (some have online stores and ship internationally):

Hagyományok Háza webshop

(Previously Mesterporta sold folk music CDs, books, magazines, and miscellany next to the Hagyományok Háza, but it is currently closed.)

Fonó (CD store is open during events held at Fonó, and they also have a webshop)

A.Folk Népzenei Hangszerbolt (folk instrument store)

Néptáncosok Kellékboltja (folk clothing and dance shoe store, which has expanded to include a substantial book collection and other items -- you can order from their online store and they are able to ship internationally)

Folk music CDs are also available through (Mezei Péter) at major markets and festivals in Budapest throughout the year, including the seasonal markets at Vörösmarty tér (such as the winter market), Mesterségek Ünnepe (in August), Táncháztalálkozó (in April)

Kaláka Zenebolt

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