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Hungarian Folk Singing Circle

Current and Upcoming Hungarian Folk Singing Classes

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All classes below are taught by Zina Bozzay, unless a guest teacher is indicated.

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Held on Zoom, open to participants around the world

Level I

An in-depth class on Hungarian pronunciation, open to absolute beginners as a first introduction to the language as well as those with experience who want to review.  The class covers each letter sound, and includes practice words for each letter.  Participants receive a detailed pronunciation guide for later reference.  This class is typically offered at the start of each singing class series or before a workshop, and is open to anyone to attend, whether or not you are taking a singing class.

Level II  (Prerequisite: Level I)

This class is designed for those who have already taken Level I or have previous experience with Hungarian, including heritage speakers in the Hungarian diaspora, who are interested in learning further details to fine-tune their pronunciation. This class covers pronunciation quirks and exceptions often not taught to beginners, such as consonant assimilation, consonant voicing and devoicing, archaic name spellings, and examples of dialect pronunciation. 

Pronunciation Practice Class (Prerequisite: Level I)

For those who have already attended Level I, or previously learned all of the Hungarian letter sounds, this class is solely focused on putting it into practice through participants pronouncing words and receiving feedback. We cover everyday words and common words in folk songs to really strengthen all the basic sounds of the language.  If you are struggling with certain vowel sounds, or sometimes mix up which consonants sound like what, join us. It is also a good class for those with more experience to focus on pronunciation and hear the common pitfalls and corrections.

Classes are held in English by Zina Bozzay, who has been teaching Hungarian pronunciation to non-Hungarian speakers for over a decade.

Upcoming Dates:

Monday, October 17, 6pm Budapest time (9am California / 12pm New York) - Level I

Monday, October 17, 7pm Budapest time (10am California / 1pm New York) - Level II

Additional dates may be offered upon request.

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Class Prices:

Residents of Hungary:             1500 Ft. per class

International Participants:   Sliding scale $10-15 USD per class

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Held on Zoom, open to participants around the world

These Hungarian Folk Singing Class Series are held in English and open to participants of all cultural, linguistic, and musical backgrounds, welcoming experienced singers as well as those with no previous experience in the style. They include a wide range of beautiful village songs from across the Hungarian language area, crafted over generations of unbroken oral tradition. These are not composed songs or modern arrangements, and they are taught directly from village source recordings. They include grieving songs to uptempo dance songs, love songs to lullabies, old style and new style, simple and highly ornamented, with beautiful song words and unique regional scales and rhythms. Participants receive village source recordings, ethnographic maps, song word sheets (lyrics), English translations, and background information on the songs and regions. Classes also often include information about vocal technique, traditional instruments, seasonal practices, and the traditional lifestyle and ways of thinking that these songs come from.


Some details and logistics:

- Pronunciation: If this is your first Hungarian singing class, consider taking the pronunciation class above before the class series. In these classes we review the pronunciation of the song words but not the basics of the Hungarian letter sounds.

- Private lessons: Class participants are encouraged to sign up for one private lesson per 6-week class in order to receive more individual feedback and guidance in their development, especially returning students (not required, just recommended).

​- Commitment / Drop-insIt is strongly preferred for participants to commit to the full class series, but drop-ins are also welcome.

- Class size: There is a minimum of 5 registered participants to hold the class, and classes are capped at 25 people.

- Class time: Because there are several class times and people are joining from various time zones around the world, each class has a name (Chestnut, Tulip, etc) for the ease of participants figuring out which time is right for them and registering for the correct class! Some time zones are written below, but please double-check your own time difference with Budapest, and note daylight savings changes if applicable. The online classes are live and interactive, and not video recorded for later use.

- Registration deadline: Please register as soon as possible, as space is limited and Zooms links are sent in advance of class.

Please check out the FAQs page for more information!

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Hungarian Folk Singing Overview - Lecture and Slideshow -


Background information on the style: history, ethnographic regions, collecting work and folk music revival, folk instruments, related cultural practices, archival photos, basic folk singing vocal technique

Tuesday, October 18, 2022

 7:00-8:30pm Budapest time (the usual Rosemary Group class time, as below)

North America daytime, Europe evening:

10am California / 1pm New York / 6pm England / 8pm Israel

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Residents of Hungary:               2000 Ft.

International Participants:     Sliding scale $15-25 USD


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Songs of Magyarbőd and Imreg

Tuesdays, October 25 - December 13, 2022 (no class November 1)


The Hungarian singing traditions of Magyarbőd and Imreg in former northern Hungary (now in Slovakia) are famous for their beautiful fleeting harmonies — moments when the voices split to sing different notes at the same time. It’s a unique and striking sound, given that most Hungarian folk songs are sung in unison. So if you can, invite a friend to join the class with you (spouse, family member, dance partner, etc), so that you can sing together in person on your end of our online classes. If you’re flying solo that’s fine too, and will still be very enjoyable. We’ll be learning all of the parts/variations to every song. There will be special guest harmonizing partners on the teaching end as well. For those in Hungary, we will also gather to sing these songs together in person, after having learned the basics online -- see the dates below.

         - Chestnut Group: Tuesdays 9:00-10:30am Budapest time

Europe daytime, Australia and New Zealand evening:

8am England / 3pm* Hong Kong / 6pm* Sydney / 8pm* Christchurch

* Will shift one hour later during the class series due to daylight savings.


- Rosemary Group: Tuesdays 7:00-8:30pm Budapest time

North America daytime, Europe evening:

10am California / 1pm New York / 6pm England / 8pm Israel

TIME ZONE CALCULATOR - Check the class times here by entering your location and each class date!

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                                                           Full class series (seven 1.5hr classes):     Drop-in (single class):

Residents of Hungary:               12,000 Ft.                                                                  2000 Ft. per class

International Participants:     Sliding scale $70 - 175 USD                                   Sliding scale $12-25 USD per class


Note: This is the same price per class as previous class series, but this class series has 7 classes instead of 6.





  • Népdalkör Gathering - Song Teaching and Song Reviewing
    Monday, October 10, 6-9pm

    Address given upon registration (North Oakland, CA)

From Zina: In honor of my grandmother's passing, I will be teaching a traditional grieving song (keserves) from Gyimes in eastern Transylvania. It's an elegant, soaring melody rich with ornaments and a very personal text that I learned directly from Tankó Eszter, a culture bearer from the region still living today. We will also review songs learned in previous classes and workshops, and have some social time together. All current and former class attendees are invited to bring songs they would like to sing with them, especially those we learned online, to have the opportunity to sing them together in person. Others can listen to the songs they don't know and enjoy hearing a wide variety of songs.

Suggested contribution: $15-25

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  • Hungarian Folk Singing Classes
    Address given upon registration (II. District, Budapest)

Monday, November 7, 6pm (Songs from Magyarszovát)
The traditional folk songs from the village of Magyarszovát in Transylvania are famous for their gorgeous, intricate ornamentation, beautiful soaring melodies with rich details. 

Mondays November 21 and December 5, 6pm (Songs from Magyarbőd)

The Hungarian singing traditions of Magyarbőd and Imreg are famous for their beautiful fleeting harmonies, unique among the Hungarian folk song repertoire. These in-person classes are meant to complement the online classes in October - December listed above teaching this repertoire, giving participants living in the Budapest area an opportunity to sing the songs together in person. It is also open to those not enrolled in the online class series.

Price: 2000 Ft./class

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  • Hungarian Folk Singing Classes
    American International School of Budapest
    For current AISB students and community. Please contact with interest in joining.


Private lessons.jpg
Private group classes and large events





In addition to the public group classes listed above, we teach one-on-one private lessons as well as private small groups (coaching for bands and choruses, dance ensembles learning specific songs for a choreography, friends or family members taking a private class together, small group masterclass on a specific topic, etc.) and large groups (music schools, universities, festivals, táncház, summer camps, conferences, etc.). These classes are held in person in Budapest, in other cities/countries with travel arrangements, and online for people around the world. Please visit the Our Offerings page for more information.

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