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Class Information and FAQs:

Hungarian Folk Singing Circle

Who can attend classes? What if I don't speak Hungarian? Do I need to read music? 

All of our classes are open to everyone, of all musical, cultural, and linguistic backgrounds, unless marked otherwise. We have participants with no musical background through professional musicians, zero previous experience with the Hungarian language through native speakers, and every different type of relationship with Hungarian culture. Our goal is to create an inclusive, welcoming environment that is accessible to all while simultaneously engaging and challenging for those with significant previous experience. Song words are provided (sent as PDFs for online classes, printed for in-person classes), songs are learned orally (no need to read music), and source recordings are sent to participants for future reference.


But I'm self-conscious about my singing! / How will we sing together on Zoom?

In-person classes welcome participants of all singing levels who are comfortable matching a pitch (if that is a struggle, then come for a private lesson first!) -- and everyone sings together as we learn the songs, so you won't be put on the spot to sing solo. In the online classes, participants are muted as we learn, so beginners and others who may feel self-conscious can sing with wild abandon, because they cannot be heard -- AND everyone experiences the singing as a duo with the instructor. There are also opportunities for participants in both in-person and online classes to volunteer to sing for the group and receive feedback, particularly after learning a song well or toward the end of a class series to show what they have learned.


Preparing for Virtual Classes:

Using a computer or other large-screen device is preferable to using a phone screen for the Zoom call, to be able to see full-size video. Please arrange your device so that you can sit or stand ergonomically in front of it, and so that you are looking straight at the screen (not looking down or to the side). This is for good singing posture and ability to do the standing and movement exercises that are part of the classes.

Have paper, pencils, and a glass of water ready when class begins, as well as snacks if needed. If you have previously taken classes with Zina, have previously learned songs and other materials also on hand.

If possible, print the pdf of the song lyrics, and if you are not able to print, you may find it helpful to write the words out on a piece of paper so that you can add details about the melody, translation, etc to that paper during the class.  You do not need to be able to play back the audio recordings during class time, as Zina will play them from her device - those are for individual practice outside of class.

Using Zoom:

Please sign on to the online class punctually a few minutes before start time, so we can begin class together. If you have never used Zoom before please get yourself oriented and test your set-up before class. You just need a working microphone, speaker or headphones, and camera (the camera is optional, but much better for all participants and the functioning of the class) - by default Zoom will use those built in to your device.


For our virtual classes, we offer globally just pricing, ensuring accessibility to participants living in widely different economies, as well as fair compensation for the labor and expenses involved in holding these international classes.  We ask that you pay for the class according to typical singing class prices in your local economy. "Sliding scale" means that you can choose what you are able to pay within the given price range. We understand that people individually have very different financial circumstances, and the pandemic has additionally impacted incomes and expenses for many. Instead of offering various discounts (low income, students, seniors, etc), this allows you to make that choice based on your own circumstances and how you value the class. We hope that this pricing model facilitates equality, and we thank you for your support of this work. Additional financial donations are also always gratefully accepted. 


If you would like to attend the classes but the cost is prohibitive for you, please contact us. We have arranged work-exchange and barter of goods and services, among other solutions (see our donations page to get ideas of the kinds of things that could be exchanged). We don't want money to stop anyone from joining.

No refunds are possible if a class is paid for and not attended.

Payment method options, marked with the possible currencies:

  • PayPal (USD, Euro, or HUF) - use link or send to

  • Revolut (USD, Euro, or HUF) - send to +36-70-603-7011

  • Venmo (USD only) - send to @ZinaBozzay

  • Transfer to Hungarian bank account (HUF only) - Bozzay Zina, 12010240-01612266-00100005 (Raiffeisen)

  • Transfer to US bank account (USD only) - email for details

  • Wise (formerly Transferwise) to Hungarian or US bank accounts above

  • Cash (USD or HUF) - for in-person classes or similar situations


We ask that you not record or videotape the classes, bearing in mind that all class materials (audio files and song words) are emailed to all participants. We expect all participants to honor and respect the host and their fellow participants by adhering to this policy. We reserve the right to record or photograph the classes (always announcing it when doing so) for documentation and possible promotional purposes.

Questions / Contact:

Contact Zina here or at

Thank you, and we look forward to seeing you in class!

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