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Vadalma & Cory Beers Cimbalom Band

Sunday, May 7



Corazón Performing Arts

125 S. Topanga Canyon Blvd, Topanga, CA

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Join us in the Corazon House for a special double bill concert with Vadalma offering Hungarian village folk songs & The Cory Beers Cimbalom Band, a fantastical ensemble offering Romanian, Moldovan & Eastern European traditional music.

$20 suggested donation
To RSVP call/text Gio at 310-795-1373

Vadalma (“Wild Apple”) creates vibrant, intimate arrangements of old Hungarian village folk songs, featuring the rich singing traditions of Transylvania, Moldavia, Transdanubia, and other areas of the Carpathian Basin. With the fiery fiddling of Matthew Szemela, Misha Khalikulov’s soulful cello, and Zina Bozzay’s genuine singing, these striking melodies, unique rhythms, and colorful lyrics are framed with both traditional and original accompaniment. Recipients of numerous grants, Vadalma brings a new face to this beautiful heritage around the US.

The Cory Beers Cimbalom Band is an ensemble of notable musicians based in Los Angeles, specializing in Romanian, Moldovan and Eastern European traditional music. The ensemble is tasked with the convincing and creative rendering of the coolest music from this region. The group makes use of an instrument called the Cimbalom (aka “tambal” in Romania and Moldova), which is an enormous hammered dulcimer with hundreds of strings traditionally played in the Romania/Moldova region in a most interesting manner. This, in addition to upright bass, accordion, and occasionally trumpet and guitar, forms a highly energetic ensemble.


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