Photos of the Népdalkör ~ Spring 2017 Workshops

Supported by a Living Cultures grant from Alliance for California Traditional Arts

Hungarian Heritage Festival, May 2017

Woodside Priory, Feb - April 2017

Red Poppy Art House, Feb 2017

Videos of the Népdalkör

Szent István holiday 2016 performance as featured on Bay Area MagyarTV

Népdalkör trio begins at 48:57

Népdalkör learning Akkor szép az erdö, from Moldva

August 2016

Song teaching at Hungarian Heritage Festival May 2017, Belmont

Supported by Alliance for CA Traditional Arts

Népdalkör learning Szalmazsupos a mi házunk, from Magyarszovát, Transylvania

August 2016

Népdalkör performance at Slavic Choral Christmas Concert, Dec. 2015


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